Talk and Dine: Business Outlook 2019

Alumni of MMUGM who joined MMUGM Daily managed Talk and Dine event in the end of 2018. Bearing the theme of “Business Outlook 2019”, the event stressed the information sharing and discussion about booming and emerging business for the following 2019.

Taking place at Parsley Resto Kaliurang Yogyakarta, it presented 3 inspiring speakers to the audiences. The first speaker was Syafri Yuzal who was an alumnae of Executive Batch 11 MM FEB UGM Yogyakarta. He was an expert in digital business and appointed Business Director of PT AINO Indonesia at that moment. The second speaker was Arif Singapurwoko, an alumnae of Regular Batch 52 Yogyakarta, who was a lecturer in Universitas Islam Indonesia and an expert of investment. The last speaker was Alya Myrza, a Serial Entrepreneur who founded

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