Program MBA

The MMUGM offers three types of academic business degree programs: the Regular Program, the International Program, and the Executive Program. The Executive Program is run in two class patterns: Executive Class A which is scheduled in the afternoon and Executive Class B which is scheduled on Saturday (Jakarta Friday – Saturday).

The lectures and examinations in the Regular Program and Executive Program are given in Indonesia language. As for the International Program, the lectures, case discussions, examinations, and thesis are fully done in English.

Students in the International Program are required to do either dual degree, student exchange, or short course program at the partner universities abroad.

Meanwhile, students in the Regular Program also have the opportunity to apply for such international exposures excluding dual degree program, but they are subject to applied requirements and condition.

The MMUGM Program operates on semester system with intakes in February and August. Thus, one single academic year consists of 2 semester, where one semester consists of approximately 6 months.

The MMUGM curriculum is designed in such a way that enables the students to complete their studies within a reasonable time period. The normal length of study is 18 months for the Regular Program, 24 months for Executive Program, 24 months for International – Student Exchange Program, and 30 months for International – Dual Degree Program. The maximum length of study is twice the normal length of study.

To complete the MBA program, a student must:

  1. Complete at least 48 credits, including thesis.
  2. Complete mandatory non-credit subjects.
  3. Have a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA without D and maximum two Cs/C+s.
  4. Defend the thesis.

The 48 credit hours comprise of 35 compulsory courses, 9 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) of concentration courses, Thesis Workshop 1 SCH and 3 SCH of thesis.

Course Structure

Types of Courses
Credit Hours
Core Courses
Concentration Courses
Non-credit Courses
Thesis Workshop


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