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MM FEB UGM once again held the Executive Series (Exies) event on Friday, 24 May 2013 at the Sukadji Ranuwiharjo Auditorium. In this 6th series, the MM FEB UGM Finance Club and Strategic Club took parts as the event committee. The presence of the speaker, that is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of PT. Global Digital Prima (GDP) Kusumo Martanto, was felt perfect with the company of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who was also the founder of Kaskus, Andrew Darwis. The theme presented was "Venture Capital as a Start-up Booster."The Exies was commenced at 2:00 p.m. local time with a welcome speech by Prof. Jogiyanto Hartono, the Deputy Director of Finance, Human Resource, and Information Systems of MM FEB UGM, which was continued with souvenir presentation to the two speakers and group photo.

Jogiyanto who was also the moderator that afternoon opened the Exies by reading the short biographies of the two speakers. With refreshing jokes, the moderator was able to enliven the atmosphere of the Exies that afternoon and made it warm and interesting. Laughters were heard several times in the auditorium which at that time was crowded with around 250 of MMUGM students.

Kusumo Martanto appeared as the speaker presenting "Investor & Start-ups: How It Works?" In his elaboration, Kusumo encouraged the students to no longer delay their desire to have a business. Ideas that only ran inside one's head without any action to start realizing it would only be useless. He quoted Walt Disney, the creator of very famous cartoon characters, 'The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doings'. So, why the wait? The question and answer session was very lively and interactive. Meanwhile, the young Kaskus founder, Andrew Darwis, attracted a distinguished interest from the majority of the students. No doubt, there were many questions for Andrew who stayed cool but agile responding with answers and stories eventhough at the beginning of the session he did not deliver any presentation.

Kaskus is one of the many businesses supported and funded by GDP. One thing that was seen by GDP was that Kaskus has become a digital icon in Indonesia. At the moment, there were no less than 7 million users registered as members/kaskusers. Moreover, in almost every weekend, the users traffic could reach up to 18,000 users. As the founder, Andrew realized that Kaskus needed a "third party" who could take part of managing the business side of Kaskus. Not long after that, he then approved GDP to be the Venture Capital for Kaskus. Before appointing GDP, there were in fact several foreign venture capitals that were interested in Kaskus. However, due to differences in visions Andrew refused them.

From merely a simple idea, Andrew and his partner Ken did not expect Kaskus to grow as big as now. From many ups and downs, Andrew once experienced an interesting turn of event. At that time Kaskus was not sustainable and desperately in need of an additional server. He then broadcasted that Kaskus needed some fund to buy a server. Unexpectedly, in his account there was a money transfer amounted more than needed sent by one of the kaskusers. After tracing for a while, Andrew found out that the kaskuser had been involved in an online business of a product and had been successful that the kaskuser had 3 shophouses. The fund he sent was a token of gratitude to Kaskus. At the end of his elaboration, Andrew underlined his determination and invitation to the students to build a business that can be useful for many people.

At the end of the session, the moderator concluded that the knowledge and life stories received by the students in this forum in the form of steps of establishing a business were actual applications of all the theories acquired in the university. With a long applause, the Exies was concluded at 4:00 p.m. local time.