Business Fun Games of Batch Regular 74 and Executive 33

Business Fun Games was one of obligatory activities in MM FEB UGM which aimed to build students’ creative and innovative leadership skills through some attractive team building games. Dr. T. Hani Handoko, M.B.A. as the Director of MM FEB UGM ...

Cultural Lunch of Executive Batch 36 B Jakarta

Students of Executive B Batch 36 B Jakarta visited MM FEB UGM Yogyakarta to attend General Business Environment (GBE) lecturing sessions on February 13-15, 2019. They were warmly welcomed in a special lunch event called Cultural Lunch by Bayu Sutikno, ...

Pre-Graduation Ceremonial Night for the Period of 2019

Pre-Graduation Ceremonial Night is regularly held by MM FEB UGM four times a year i.e. in January, April, July, and October. For the period of January 2019, there were 145 graduates joining the event. Yessica, a student of Executive B ...

Opening Ceremony for CFP Training of PT PJB

Inaugurating the new spirit of 2019, Master in Management (MM) FEB UGM in collaboration with PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PT PJB) conducted a training program on Certified Financial Planner (CFP). The opening ceremony for the CFP training was held on ...