EDP Profile

MM FEB UGM’s Executive Development Program (EDP MM FEB UGM) offers executive learning and development programs through various public classroom training programs and tailor-made programs specifically for companies or other business and government institutions. The MM FEB UGM EDP team is committed to organizing a sustainable executive development program and providing topics that are relevant to the latest business issues, innovative, problem solving oriented (result-driven) that focuses on strategy to achieve results.


Program Coverage

EDP MMUGM offers non-degree programs that vary from short course activities specifically designed for mid-level executives, management training and applied research and management consulting.

High-Caliber Program Leaders

EDP MM FEB UGM has excellent resources and capacity to provide executive education focused on providing business solutions.
Our highly experienced lecturers in research and teaching in the business field will be in charge of this EDP. These lecturers have high competence in opening up insights, inspiring, providing knowledge to the participants. Lecturers will combine high-quality teaching with active research and business consulting programs in various business areas such as: Strategic Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Wealth Management, Accounting, e-Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and General Management.

Customized Program

EDP MM FEB UGM offers learning and education & executive development specifically designed to meet the needs of companies. Our custom programs provide a high impact on business activities and organizations and help clients to find solutions to address business challenges.
The process of developing a custom program scheme begins with gathering comprehensive information about the client’s condition through discussions with client representatives as well as through literature study about the client’s company. After getting thorough information about the organization and corporate culture, business objectives and strategic direction, EDP MM FEB UGM will submit a custom program proposal for the client and will work together to transfer knowledge and lead to several alternative solutions for the client company through lectures and class discussions. and activities outside the classroom. Sessions in the classroom will adopt the case method, sharing experiences, group and individual assignments, assessment, and role playing.

Well Experienced Collaboration

EDP MM FEB UGM has a track record of success in providing executive education, business research and business consulting both on a national and international scale. For more than 25 years, EDP MM FEB UGM has partnered with business and government institutions to deliver executive development programs to address business and organizational challenges.
EDP MM FEB UGM program is implemented in major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, etc. and also carried out abroad, such as in the cities of Tokyo, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Milan and Singapore.