A Cultural Lunch for Three Batches of MM Jakarta Students in Yogyakarta

On September 19, 2018, students of MM FEB UGM Jakarta had Cultural Lunch at Yogyakarta campus. The lunch was a tailor made event which enabled MM Jakarta students to enjoy their lunch with the Board of Directors. It provided traditional food and beverages such as meatballs, brongkos steamed rice, gudangan salad, Indonesian tofu, and tempeh.

The event was much lively than before as there were 3 batches at a time. Bayu Sutikno, Cand.Merc., Ph.D. welcomed and asked the students to enjoy learning atmosphere in Yogyakarta campus. They were given all access to the campus facilities and assistance from the staffs during their stay. In return, Alesandro Romero from Regular Batch 43 Jakarta extended his gratitude for the welcoming lunch and mentioned that his colleagues were delighted to feel the academic atmosphere in Yogyakarta campus. Then, Hardjita represented his classmates of Executive A Batch 43A Jakarta expressed his pride of taking the opportunity on conducting the General Business Environment (GBE) course in Yogyakarta. In addition, Joko Gunarto as the representative of Executive B Batch 35B Jakarta remarked that the lecturing sessions in Yogyakarta brought a special excitement as they could focus more on the course and took break from their daily working routines.

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