Company Visit of HR Club: Employee Loyalty on Millennial Generation

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Coming up from the issue of job hopper and millennial generation, Human Resource (HR) Club MM FEB UGM held a company visit for students of MM FEB UGM on Friday (24/11). In cooperation with Career Network Center Club MM FEB UGM, HR Club chose to visit PT Gameloft Indonesia which was a mobile games developer company. The company visit tried to learn deeper the tips and tricks to maintain employee loyalty on millennial generation.

The company visit which took place at Gameloft headquarter on HOS Cokroaminoto Street Number 73 Yogyakarta was attended by 25 students. It was started at 10 AM with the presentation from Putra Para Dia who was the Human Resource Country PT Gameloft Indonesia. He explained the company profile followed by the values of the company; passion, talent, growth, unity in diversity, agility, autonomy. The company formulated those values by adapting the millennial generation (those who was born in 1980-2000) who occupied 70% of the total employee in his company. The generation was quite different compared to the previous ones; they were lazy but creative, extremely familiar with the digital development, fond of instant process, dynamic, and communicate intensely. PT Gameloft Indonesia invested on methods to reduce the turnover rate of the generation for 54% in a year.

The visit which ran for about 100 minutes was ended with a group photo and goody bag souvenir distribution for the participants.




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