AcademixCulture in Pulesari

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Welcoming foreign students of Student Exchange Program, Master in Management Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (MM FEB UGM) Yogyakarta held an AcademixCulture. The activity was aimed to introduce Indonesian tradition, culture, and nature to the foreign students.

Pulesari Tourism Village was chosen as the destination since it provided both beautiful natural tourism and rich local culture. There were 24 students of Batch International 70 attending the activity held on Saturday February 10, 2018. They departed at 7.30 am and spent an hour to reach the village. On arriving, they enjoyed traditional welcome snacks while admiring the cool, calm, and comfortable mountain view.

After having some ice breaking games, the students were divided into 3 groups to alternately learn janur (young coconut leaves) creation, batik painting, and gamelan music until lunch time. Accompanied by Villageria, a start-up business travel planner from Innovative Academy of UGM, and some staffs of Pulesari Tourism Village, the students had river tracking which included some games such as the rocking water bridge, the water spider web, the raining hut, and the water cliff stairs. The games trained the students to have self management in nature, manage team building, improve courage in taking risk, and increase their emotional maturity.

In the end of the activity, the students had group photo sessions before coming back to MM FEB UGM.









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