Kafegama MM DIY & Jateng: Jogja Entrepreneurs Fintech Expo 2018

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Leading up to its 30th lustrum, Master in Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada (MM FEB UGM) started to carry out a series of alumni event from Kafegama MM. One of the events was Economic, Business and Investment Forum organized by MM FEB UGM, Student Association (MMSA), Kafegama MM DIY & Jateng, and Entrepreneur Forum of Kafegama MM.

Exposing the topic of “Jogja Entrepreneurs Fintech Expo 2018 (abbreviated as JEFE 2018)”, the event was commenced at 9.30 AM and divided into 3 sessions; Seminar, Business Presentation, and Expo. It was officially opened by the Dean of FEB UGM, Eko Suwardi, M.Sc., Ph.D., and continued with an opening speech from the Deputy Director of MM FEB UGM, Bayu Sutikno, Cand.Merc., Ph.D. The moderator of the seminar, Anzar Mulyantoro from Kafegama MM lead the seminar. Anzar introduced 3 speakers i.e. Leonard Tampubolon as the Deputy Minister of National Planning (as the keynote speaker), Sugeng as the Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, and Prof. Dr. Sri Adiningsih, M.Sc. as the Chairwoman of Indonesian Presidential Advisory Board. Taking place on the 6th Floor of Pertamina Tower FEB UGM, the seminar ran lively and interractively with compact discussion on Economic and Investment Road Map 2018.

Before lunch break, Muhammad Genta Mahardika from Kafegama MM DIY & Jateng invited Hendro Wibowo as the Head of Ecosystem Expansion of TCASH gave commercial information about TCASH. TCASH was an electronic money service from Telkomsel which could be used in cashless transaction easily. Many give-aways were given to the participants.

The second session began at 1 PM. The second moderator, the latter called Genta presented 4 speakers; Jan Darmadi BBA, M.Sc., as the Senior Entrepreneur of PT. Jakarta Setia Budi International, Adrian A. Gunadi, M.B.A., as the CEO and Founder of Investree, Yodhi Kharismanto, M.B.A., as the Director of Amalan, and GNP Sugiarta Yasa M.B.A., as the President Director of PT. Sarinah (Persero). Jan explained more on Business Roadmap 2018, while Adrian gave further details on Financial Technology Road Map 2018 in relation with Investree, a financial technology company in Indonesia as an online marketplace uniting those who earned for financing service and the lenders.

Besides, Yodhi as the third speaker described Amalan, a debt management program provider which had been accreditted by IAPDA Accreditted Service Center as  a trusted company which helped people in settling debt issues. In the other hand, Sugiarta narrated the SME and Retail Road Map 2018 for PT Sarinah (Persero), a famous state-owned enterprise in Indonesia, of which was well-known for its retails and national trade center for handicrafts and traditional local products. The seminar ended at 5 PM after a closing remarks from the Chairman for Entrepreneur Forum of Kafegama MM, Sigit B. Darmawan, M.B.A.

Another event in the series of JEFE 2018 was business presentation from several business start-ups developed by alumni of MM FEB UGM and Innovative Academy of UGM. There were 14 business start-ups consisted of 8 start-ups from Innovative Academy of UGM and 6 others from alumni of MM FEB UGM. Mussy.co was a band, solo organ, singer hiring service website. Iwak.me was a community empowering service on freshwater fish farming which connected the investor and fish farmer party. Caritutor.com was an education start-up which was developed to help parents in searching trusted tutors for their children. Galanggi.org was a start-up which contributed in social and humanity movements. Rumahdimana.com was a marketplace which supported the buying and selling transaction of houses, properties, shops, lands, and residences. It served as a connecting broker between the seller and the buyer or renter. Adsiconic.com was a digital platform which linked the advertiser and the agent. Easydoku was an online payment service which simplified many payment and transaction activities.

Uangkursus.com was marketplace platform of professional training institution where training/customer prospectors got an easy, cheap, and installment-friendly facility. Pasienia was a mobile social media application which connected patients, patients’ family, and other patients of the same illness to be able to share and help each other. Wemary.com was a portal which linked bride/groom and their invited guests through an integrated wedding website. In addition, there were more start-ups such as Telepon, Majapahitech, Kost-kostan Ternak (Culty Farm) and Konsulife.




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