Graduation of CFP Batch IX and Open House of CFP Batch X

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On February 24, 2018, MM FEB UGM threw a graduation ceremony of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Batch IX. The participants achieved the CFP degree after joining a series of training for the previous 3 months. 5 of them were awarded The Best Case Study i.e. Desniati Ambeta from PT Prima Sentosa Alam Lestari, Feby Hariliani from FWD Life Indonesia, Liana Sastalisar from PT Suita Express Tour, Rochmah Wahyunuri Savitri, and Rini Sudarojati from PT BNI (Persero), Tbk.

Dr. Sumiyana, M.Si., Ak., CA. as the Deputy Director of Non Academic Affairs and Bayu Sutikno, Cand.Merc., Ph.D. as the Deputy Director of Academic Affairs MM FEB UGM Yogyakarta presented and gave their speeches. Sumiyana expressed his gratitude to the participants of CFP Batch IX for the trust given to MM FEB UGM as the training host. He congratulated the 15 graduates for attaining the CFP degree and being a part of FPSB Indonesia.

In the other hand, Bayu Sutikno congratulated the graduates of Batch IX and claimed his being proud of them. They had been considered as alumni of MM FEB UGM, hence they could make use of all campus facilities, and took the responsibility in maintaining the campus reputation. The training participants came from various backgrounds such as university, bank, insurance, private company, and hospital. Bayu expected them to have brighter career. “Stay hungry, keep climbing,” ended Bayu. Then, Arief Budiman, M.B.A., CFP., QWP as Senior Partner of Goldstone Financial Advisor Jakarta got his chance to congratulate the graduates. He explained about medical tourism where people spent their money to have medical treatment abroad. It was one of the role of CFP to help them manage the financial expenditure. CFP graduates would work on the financial management of insurance, investment, risk management, tax preparation, and site plan management which was discussed in the Open House session afterwards.

Liana Sastalisar, owner of PT Suita Express Tour Palu, represented her colleagues to give testimonial speech. After thanking MM FEB UGM, she said that the CFP program gave further knowledge and experience about financial planning which was everybody’s needs. She regretted for not taking the program earlier. Secondly, Rini Sudarojati, Marketing and Business Manager of Bank BNI Yogyakarta, as the second speaker felt relieved on completing the training successfully. As there were many people who had no knowledge on financial planning which made them be targetted of fraud, Rini invited her colleagues to apply the CFP knowledge to help their family and surroundings in financial planning. In addition, she hoped the CFP program of MM FEB UGM would keep on delveloping capable, integrited, and professional CFP.

After the graduation ceremony of Batch IX, Arief Budiman took up the Open House session to introduce CFP program to the prospective guests. There were some CFP alumni attended the session and shared their experience as well as benefits in becoming CFP according to their backgrounds.






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