Opening Ceremony of MM UNCEN Batch IV

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Master in Management Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Cenderawasih (MM UNCEN) came to Yogyakarta to take a three-day course. The main goal was to prepare its students in writing good and valid thesis in addition to give them overview of interesting topics which might inspire them.

Taking place in Master in Management Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (MM FEB UGM), the short course was initiated with an Opening Ceremony attended by the Dean of FEB UNCEN, Dr. Mesak Ick, M.Si., the Dean of FEB UGM, Dr. Eko Suwardi, M.Sc., Director of MM UNCEN, Dr. Ferdinand Risamasu, M.Sc., Agr., Board of Directors of MM FEB UGM, Dr. T. Hani Handoko, M.B.A. and Bayu Sutikno, Cand. Merc., Ph.D.

In his speech, Eko thanked MM UNCEN and MM FEB UGM since the short course was an implementation of cooperation which lasted through years as it has been the 4th Batch to come. Eko expected the positive collaboration would continue in the future. He ended his speech by asking the participants to make use of the short course effectively.

Mesak, who gave the second speech, expressed his gratitude in return for the welcoming and willingness to host MM UNCEN students in order to experience the short course in MM FEB UGM. Mesak recalled the history of their cooperation with MM FEB UGM and other programs in UGM. The students were asked to curate the knowledge deeper both in the lecturing session and in doing the library literature review at MM FEB UGM. At last, Mesak expected the cooperation to be extended from postgraduate program into undergraduate and doctoral level as well as research and community services.

The event on April 16, 2018 was continued with an agreement signing between the Dean of FEB UNCEN and FEB UGM, a gong sounding by the Dean of FEB UGM, and ended by a group photo session.





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