CFP Talk: Functions & Roles of KSEI in the Indonesian Capital Market

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To improve competence, MM FEB UGM not only organizes degree education activities but also has a non-degree program, namely Certified Financial Planner (CFP). CFP itself routinely conducts webinars entitled CFP Talk, which invite well-known speakers and figures in their fields to be a means of continuous learning after participating in the CFP MM UGM program. This time the CFP Talk asked Supranoto Prajogo, Director of KSEI, with the theme “Functions & Roles of KSEI in the Capital Market in Indonesia related to Investor Protection” (24/03/2022). This CFP Talk was attended by 110 participants from the MM FEB UGM academic community and KSEI employees.

The event began with remarks from the Director of MM FEB UGM Study Program, Jakarta Campus, Prof. Eduardus Tandelilin, Ph.D., “We hope that after participating in the CFP, we still need to update the latest developments and issues, so that this event will provide a place for all of us to share experiences and knowledge, of course, to build networking as well.” Tandelilin also shared his experience of buying shares in a bank during an IPO. “I forgot that I had stock in a bank, and I didn’t manage it for years. But luckily, I was able to consult with the relevant parties, and my shares are still available. From my experience, it is appropriate to have consumer protection as an actor in the capital market,” he said.

The CFP MM UGM Program coordinator, Arief Budiman, M.B.A., CFP, said, “This CFP exists in more than 26 countries that emphasize three main standards: competency, practice, and ethical standards. We have been running this program since 2013, and here it develops not only knowledge but also skills. The instructors are a mix of senior academics and practitioners with a high reputation and caliber”. Arief continued that in this CFP program, you will directly experience arranging financial planning. In addition to information from the UGM MM CFP Coordinator, several alumni of the CFP Program also gave excellent testimonials regarding the outputs obtained after participating in this program.

Farizy Yunas, CFP, as the moderator, started the main event by introducing a brief profile of the speaker and continued with the presentation of material by the speaker, namely Supranoto, regarding the Indonesian Capital Market Structure KSEI Journey, KSEI Services, and so on. “KSEI is one of the Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO) together with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and the Indonesian Clearing Guarantee Corporation (KPEI). In 2000, KSEI and other SROs implemented scripless trading and securities settlements in the Indonesian Capital Market. The implementation is supported by KSEI’s main system, namely The Central Depository and Book Entry Settlement System (C-BEST)”. The event ended with a question-and-answer session regarding the conflict of interest of the shareholders, the SID numbers that were always different, KSEI’s access to annual taxes, and the purchase of government bonds through banks. (Humas; Radiani/Photo Source; Zoom Online Webinar}.

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