Graduation Ceremony Period of April 2022: Qualified and Make Proud

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The release of the April 2022 Graduates of the MM FEB UGM Study Program was held online again by releasing 246 graduates on Wednesday (20/4/2022).

Head of the MM FEB UGM Study Program, Yogyakarta Campus, Amin Wibowo, Ph.D., delivered the Graduation Release Report by reading the graduates with the Cumlaude predicate for this period. The graduates this time consisted of 92 people from the Yogyakarta Campus and 154 from the Jakarta Campus. Felicia Stefanie achieved the best graduate with a GPA of 3.98 from the EMBA MM FEB UGM class, Jakarta Campus.

Felicia Stefanie, a representative of the graduates, said, “We take further education because basic education is a continuous process. We are all at this graduation ceremony.” Felicia continued that she had received various motivations while completing her studies at MM FEB UGM. She did not forget to thank the board of directors, lecturers, and the MM FEB UGM academic community, who have served, facilitated, and supported us until graduation.

Deputy Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Bayu Sutikno, Ph.D., gave his remarks. “The ranking of the MBA FEB UGM is getting higher. This position that we have occupied is prestigious, and it is the duty of all of us to maintain and improve this quality. Consider your graduation from the MBA FEB UGM like getting a passport. Hold on tight to this multi-entry passport. Please come anytime to campus if you want to meet with the board of directors to do recharging and collaborate with all of us on campus. MBA FEB UGM is a flagship for all of us. One of the main motors is to bring the name of FEB and UGM to the national and international stage. Congratulations, and good luck to the graduates. We are all proud!” (Humas; Radiani/ Photo Source; Zoom Online Graduation}.




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