Field Visit to PIAT UGM with ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management Students

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One of the flagship programs of MM FEB UGM is the ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management Program. This program collaborates with the Norwegian government, AUN, and UGM. The output of selected students for the full scholarship program is expected to contribute to the transfer of knowledge and positively impact environmental sustainability problems faced by the ASEAN region and globally.

One of the efforts to add practical insight to the students, 6 ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management students from MM FEB UGM, made a Field Visit to the Agrotechnology Innovation Center or PIAT UGM on Monday (25/04/2022), which aims to share knowledge about Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture. This field visit activity was accompanied by Lecturer Prof. Henrik Kofoed Nielsen, Ph.D., and Rocky Adiguna, Ph.D.

Dr. Ir. Taryono, M.Sc., as the Head of the Center for Agro-Technology Innovation at Gadjah Mada University (PIAT UGM), explained how the management manages the research center. PIAT UGM, which previously implemented the Integrated Farming System, continues to implement the Circular Farming System until now. The six ASEAN MBA students were guided around several blocks, including rice fields, fish ponds, hydroponic greenhouses, genetic banks, and animal husbandry. PIAT UGM is also a place to develop new varieties of several plants, which related officers closely monitor. Another activity, namely the processing of waste or waste, is carried out in several stages to produce various products such as feed and compost.

Taryono also explained the stages of koi fish cultivation, which has a much higher economic value. In the last block, visits to rice fields and greenhouses were made to develop new rice varieties. “In planting rice seeds and harvesting rice, modern technology has been used, and the leftover pottery is used as animal feed,” he continued.

Sari Fitriani, one of the ASEAN MBA students who attended the field visit, expressed her impression. “The field visits are fascinating, and many things can be learned at the research center directly. Some of the products at PIAT have been developed and traded. Many new things can be implemented in the future when we return to our respective regions and countries,” said Sari. (Humas: Radiani/Photo: Irvan).

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