Leadership Camp Batch 80

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Leadership Camp, a recurring event held by MM FEB UGM Yogyakarta Campus to train and hone students’ leadership, was successfully held on 14-15 October 2022. The leadership camp, one of the mandatory agendas of the Leadership Enhancement and Acceleration Program (LEAP), was held in Kembang Arum Village, Turi, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Before students headed to the event’s location, Amin Wibowo, Ph.D., the Chair of the Yogyakarta Campus Master Management Study Program, proceeded to give a short speech. In his remarks, Amin said that individuals have to undergo a lengthy process first before becoming a leader, and Leadership Camp is one of those events that is held to form the students’ leadership characteristics.

During the two days of the camp, the students looked very enthusiastic about participating in the series of events that had been prepared. On this occasion, MM FEB UGM collaborated with the Yogyakarta Eureka Team to create a leadership camp that could shape the participants’ leadership. On the first day, through Ice Breaking and Leadership Games, the Eureka team was able to arouse the participants’ enthusiasm. After a short break, the event continued with MMUGM Hits. In this section of the event, participants were divided into several groups to show their creative side, which was also judged directly by the Secretary of the MM FEB UGM Study Program, Rocky Adiguna, Ph.D.

The second day started with morning activities and water games. Deputy Dean of Academic and Student Affairs of the Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, Bayu Sutikno, Ph.D., was also present to give his speech. He said that as leaders, we must always study, recognize our environment and take the best possible opportunities. The event continued with the Leadership Camp lecture session with “Leadership Development” as its theme, delivered by the Chairman of the MM FEB UGM Study Program. “You were born as the winner from the beginning; you should not give up in the middle of your journey,” he said. The event ended with the announcement of the winner of MMUGM Hits, King Queen of Leadership Camp Batch 80, and a group photo. (Public Relations: Wira/Photo: Marida, Wira)







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