Hochschule Osnabrück Short Visit

MBA Feb UGM welcomed one of the partner universities from Germany, Hochschule Osnabrück, for a short visit on Tuesday (11/22/2023). Peter Mayer and staff visited for a moment to meet with the Dean of FEB UGM, Prof. Didi Achjari, Vice Dean, and the MBA FEB UGM Study Program Director.

During the meeting, Peter expressed his desire to expand the cooperation with FEB UGM, especially for Faculty Exchange. Peter said that he believes the exchange of lecturers between countries is the future of the education world. All of the attendees were enthusiastic and expressed their desire to be able to teach at Hochschule Osnabrück. FEB UGM also gave information about the International Week and Global Summer Week programs which will be held in 2023, so that students from Hochschule Osnabrück can take participation in it.

Peter also expressed his appreciation to the dual Degree program students from MBA FEB UGM. “Students from MBA FEB UGM are classified as strong academically. This is shown by good learning progress, and the thesis topics they take are fascinating”, he said. Director of MBA FEB UGM, Amin Wibowo, Ph.D., said that in the future, MBA FEB UGM would continue to increase the quality of students sent to the partner university so that students who study abroad as UGM ambassadors are also high-grade quality students. (Public Relations & Documentation: Wira).