MBA SA 14.0 Inauguration

MBA SA 13.0 management period ended last Friday (01/24/2023). The handover ceremony to the MBA SA 14.0 management was held at the Faculty Meeting Room of MBA FEB UGM. At this event, the Chairman of MBA SA 13.0, Dama Yoga Agung Winata, handed over the work mandate to Jerry Andreas Zaluchu, the new Chairman of MBA SA 14.0. Besides that, the Chairperson of MBA SA 13.0 also explained the accountability of their performance during his tenure. Secretary of MBA FEB UGM Study Program, Rocky Adiguna, Ph.D., was also present with the academic team.

The event opened with remarks by Rocky Adiguna, Ph.D., “Hopefully, this moment will be a new beginning of enthusiasm, knowledge transfer, and improvements that the management of MBA SA 14.0 will bring for the next semester”. The event was followed by the Chairman of MBA SA 13.0’s accountability report, followed by another report from academic and non -academic club of MBA SA 13.0 regarding their success and achievement so far, and continued with the video screening of “Pamit” which is a farewell video presented by the MBA SA 13.0.

Jerry Andreas Zaluchu, as the Chairman of MBA SA 14.0 then gave his speech, “For me, this position is a responsibility that I must run, the work that I must do, and a friend that I must embrace as my own family. I hope to bring a better change through the process of togetherness that we will go through together”. The main event of this activity was marked by the MBA SA FEB UGM’s flag handover from the Chairman of MBA SA 13.0 to the Chairman of MBA SA 14.0, and also from the academic and non-academic club. This event ended with a photo session altogether. (Public Relations & Documentation: Wira)


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