Business Fun Games – MBA/IMBA 82 dan SEMBA 41

In order to enhance the creativity and leadership characteristics of new students, the MBA FEB UGM study program held the Business Fun Games activity on Saturday (04/02/2023). This activity is one of the Leap (Leadership Enhancement and Acceleration Program) series, which is a compulsory non-SKS course where MBM FEB UGM students who have been in the Pre -MBA program must follow this process with the aim of providing a deeper recognition of self-interest and talent that can later be optimally explored. This time, the Business Fun Games participant are students of the MBA-IMBA 82 and Semba 41 program.

Students started the activities at MBA FEB UGM Leadership Hall, it began with remarks from Prof. Amin Wibowo, Ph.D., and Rocky Adiguna, Ph.D. as the Director of the MBA FEB UGM study program. The event continued with the briefing of the Business Fun Games support team, namely Prof. Djamaludin Ancok, M.A., Ph.D., Sumaryono, M.Sc., Dr. Rr. Tour of Nastiti, M.Sc., Ph.D., and Indrianingsih, S. Psi.

To arouse the enthusiasm of the participants, the lecturer invites participants to voice the chant of MBA FEB UGM simultaneously. The event then continued with a balloon game to practice cohesiveness and also other leadership games. “In this game, I learned that in business, we must be able to choose the right partner, a partner who remains loyal in difficult and happy circumstances,” said one of the participants. After the game session was finished, Djamaludin Ancok delivered a closing material aimed at instilling the leadership of the participants and the event ended with a group photo. (Public Relations: Wira/Documentation: Irvan).