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Executive Series: Making Wise Decisions in a Smart World – MBA FEB UGM

Executive Series: Making Wise Decisions in a Smart World

The MBA FEB UGM study program held the first executive series of the new semester on Friday (02/17/2023) at the Sukadji Ranuwihardjo Auditorium. In this Executive Series, MBA FEB UGM invited Prof. Peter Verhezen of the University of Antwerp, Belgium as the speaker, and Prof. Amin Wibowo, Ph.D. as the moderator. The event was held hybrid and attended by all students of the MBA FEB UGM Study Program Yogyakarta Campus, local and foreign students, and Jakarta students.

Arts and Entertainment Centrum (AEC), one of the non-academic student clubs of the MBA UGM, dedicated two very entertaining songs for the attendees. Prof. Amin Wibowo, Ph.D., as the Director of the MBA Study Program FEB UGM Yogyakarta Campus, who also became the moderator, gave his opening remarks. “As this is the first executive series this semester, I would like to thank Prof. Peter Verhezen for coming to deliver the material for us. We are thrilled to have you here,” said Prof. Amin.

Proceeding to the main event, Peter presented the material with the theme “Making Wise Decisions in a Smart World.” He explains how technology nowadays can make it easier for humans to make crucial decisions but will not make humans wiser in making these decisions. “I want to argue whether artificial intelligence in technology would make us easier to make better decisions, make accurate predictions and improve our lives or not. AI will make us smarter, but it won’t make us wiser. It can gather all data needed, it can suggest you the best suggestion based on your preferences quite accurately, and finally, it makes us smarter and makes it easier to make decisions. However, it is not effective to make conscious decisions because only humans can do that.”

The event was closed with a question and answer session, where many local and foreign students looked enthusiastic asking questions and were answered directly by the speaker. (Wira Public Relations/Irvan Documentation).