Opening of MBA Fest 6.0: Sport Competition

The opening of the MBA Fest 6.0 by MBA SA 14.0 was held on Friday (03/03/2023) at the MBA FEB UGM Leadership Hall and began with a Sports Competition. This competition is the first activity in a series of MBA Fest 6.0 events. This sports competition between students and professional staff of MBA FEB UGM was held to enhance cooperation and synergy to strengthen good relations of the entire MBA FEB UGM academic community. This event also aims to channel a competitive spirit and sportsmanship, increase health immunity, strengthen brotherhood and sisterhood, and also to increase the interest of the MBA FEB UGM academic community in the sports that are contested.

Director of the MBA FEB UGM Study Program, Prof. Amin Wibowo, Ph.D., was also present accompanied by the Deputy Director of the FEB UGM MBA Study Program, Rocky Adiguna, Ph.D. Amin opened the event by giving a speech in front of all Sport Competition participants. “This event is an activity held to foster a sense of togetherness for all of us as a big family of MBA FEB UGM and of course to foster motivation to always live a healthy life. Hopefully, this event can run smoothly until the peak of the MBA Fest 6.0 later.” The event was then continued with remarks from the CEO of MBA SA 14.0, Jerry Andreas Zaluchu, followed by the beating of the gong as a symbolic sign of the opening of this competition.

To make the event merrier, representatives of student organizations in the field of sports MBA FEB UGM did a catwalk to introduce their respective sports. Arts and Entertainment Centrum (AEC) as one of the non-academic clubs also participated in presenting performances to entertain the participants. This Sport Competition will last until March 25 2023 and will be closed with the Artnight MBA Fest 6.0 event. (Public Relations & Documentation: Wira).