Leadership Potential Review: MBA-IMBA 82

The Leadership Potential Review (LPR) is one of the non-SKS Leadership Enhancement and Acceleration Program (LEAP) programs that must be attended by MBA FEB UGM students which in this period was held last Saturday (18/03/2023). In its implementation, the Yogyakarta Campus FEB UGM MBA Study Program collaborates with one of the student clubs, the Human Resource Club, and also with Arete Consultant as the activity facilitator. The LPR test was attended by 124 students of batch 82 of the MBA-IMBA FEB UGM.

The Leadership Potential Review (LPR) was held in one day and was divided into two sessions. The event opened with remarks delivered by the Coordinator of the Academic Section of the MBA FEB UGM Yogyakarta Campus, Erwanto Widyatmoko. “By the end of this LPR, students can find out each individual interests which can later become a guide for choosing the right field of concentration”, said Erwanto. The event continued with a test session by Arete Consultant. While taking the test, students are required to always focus on doing the test, so that the results obtained can be maximized, and students also discuss with each other through the LGD (Leadership Group Discussion) forum which aims to identify and train students’ activeness in brainstorming. (Public Relations & Documentation: Wira)