Especially for prospective new students

  1. Open page:
  2. If you don’t have an account, please create an account first
  3. After LOGIN, select PROGRAM MAGISTER (S2) Genap 2020
  4. All prospective new students, whether financed by the LPDP (other scholarship program) or from individuals/parents, please choose MAGISTER PROGRAM (S2) Genap 2020 – BIAYA SENDIRI GELOMBANG 1
  5. Then click daftar sekarang and click buat pendaftaran baru
  6. Choose a study program
  • MASTER IN MANAGEMENT IDR 750,000 (for MM Yogyakarta) or
  • MASTER IN MANAGEMENT (JAKARTA CAMPUS) Rp. 750,000 (for MM Jakarta)

then click save

  1. Fill in the data, make sure it’s done correctly, for the participant’s name must be the same as the name on the S1 diploma
  2. Upload documents


  • Prepare scans of all required documents in * .pdf format except photo documents in * .jpg format with a maximum size of 800 kb each (scan results must be visible and clearly legible for verification purposes, if the physical files appear to be colored, then the scans should also appear in color). The scan results will be uploaded when registering online at
  • Use applications that are available on the internet to help you to resize the file size or convert the image into * .pdf format.
  • Make sure that the document has been uploaded according to its place (must be correct). If you have already locked the data and have paid a registration fee of Rp. 750,000, it turns out that there was an error in uploading the document, then the locked data cannot be corrected (document follow-up is not accepted). Participants must repeat registration from the beginning and pay the registration fee again, so make sure that the uploaded documents are correct before doing data cleaning.
  • Please pay attention that the UM UGM committee only verifies documents that are in accordance with the provisions.

The scanned documents uploaded or uploaded are as follows:

No Document
1 Latest official photograph, dressed formally with face facing the camera on blue / red background, in * .jpg format;
2 Original certificate of S1 or equivalent (D-IV) (not professional diploma), in * .pdf format;
3 Original transcripts of S1 or equivalent (D-IV) (not professional transcripts), if the transcript is more than one sheet then all are combined into one file, in * .pdf format;

Use applications that are available on the internet to help you combine multiple * .pdf files.

4 Accreditation of S1 or equivalent (D-IV) study programs

a. The accreditation of the study program in question is the current accreditation and is proven by a scan of the accreditation certificate or a print screen of accreditation from the website of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) / LAM-PTKes which is still valid, download it here;

b. Study Programs whose accreditation is in the process of being extended, is evidenced by a receipt for submitting accreditation forms obtained from BAN-PT / LAM-PTKes through the relevant tertiary institution. The certificate from the university concerned is not valid;

c. Foreign graduate applicants must have a certificate equivalent to a certificate from the Ministry of Research and Technology in lieu of an accreditation certificate.

5 Postgraduate Academic Potential Test Certificate (PAPs) from UGM or the Indonesian Psychological Association (TKDA HIMPSI) Basic Academic Ability Test from PLTI original and still valid, in * .pdf format;
6 Academic English Proficiency Test (AcEPT) Certificate from UGM or Test of English Proficiency (TOEP) from PLTI is original and still valid, in * .pdf format;
7 Original health certificate from a Hospital Doctor, Puskesmas / Private Practitioner, in * .pdf format;
8 Desire Projection, in * .pdf format, download here;
9 Document Authenticity Statement, in * .pdf format, download here;
10 Study permit / study assignment (if still actively working), in * .pdf format. download here.


  1. Recommendation

Confidential recommendations from 2 (two) people who know prospective students at the previous level of education, namely Academic Advisors and / or other people who are deemed authorized, for example the supervisor of the participant’s workplace. Participants only write the name and email address of the recommendation provider then just click send when registering online. The UM UGM committee will send a link for filling out recommendations to recommendation providers via email, participants only need to remind the recommendation. Make sure the email address of the recommendation provider is a valid and active email address;

  1. Data locking

Before locking the data, please ensure that the uploaded documents meet the requirements and are valid and then be uploaded according to their place.

  1. Registration payment

After locking the data registration payment will be displayed. Participants can pay a registration fee of Rp. 750,000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) according to the instructions that will be displayed on the payment code page section through Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BTN or Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM). Payments are made in accordance with the payment deadline for each participant. If you pass the predetermined time limit, the registration will automatically be forfeited and cannot be continued, participants must repeat registration from the beginning again.

  • Participants do not need to use the destination account number, just the payment code.
  • The Bank teller will record the payment data to the Host to Host System.
  • If the transaction is successfully booked, the teller will provide proof of payment of the registration fee which is used to print proof of registration online on the registration account.

All admission test fees for the MM FEB UGM Study Program that have been transferred cannot be withdrawn if the applicant cancels their participation.

The deadline for ONLINE registration

The deadline for online registration can be seen here.

New applicants are required to submit / send a hardcopy registration file to the MM FEB UGM admissions section according to the intended campus with the deadline seen here.

Registration files that are submitted / sent can be downloaded here.

Regarding registration, if it is not clear, please contact the hotline number below.