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MM FEB UGM Yogyakarta Campus has two admissions period for February and August intakes in a year. Prospective candidates who have an undergraduate educational background in the Faculty of Economics and Business or Non-Faculty of Economics and Business must attend the Pre-MBA (Matriculation) Program for one semester before entering the MBA Program. Meanwhile, prospective candidates from undergraduate of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada with a cum laude predicate for the last five years of graduation can directly enter the MBA Program if they passed the administrative selection and interview.


This program aimed to refresh and prepare the candidates before taking the MBA program. In addition, this matriculation is expected to help the candidates to prepare themselves with the academic culture in the MM FEB UGM environment and also adjust the business knowledge of candidates which have various undergraduate (S1) backgrounds. The candidates who graduated from the Pre MBA Program receive a Pre MBA certificate valid for one year when entering the Pre MBA Program and may continue to the MBA Program.

» MBA PROGRAM (Master of Business Administration)

MM FEB UGM Yogyakarta Campus offers three choices of MBA Programs namely Regular MBA, International MBA and Senior Executive MBA.

  1. MBA Program (Regular MBA)
  • Introduction of lecture materials, discussions, case assignments, examinations, and thesis using Indonesian.
  • Lectures are held Monday to Friday from 07.00 – 16.00 WIB.
  • Normal study period is three semesters with a maximum study period of 6 semesters
  1. IMBA (International MBA) Program 
  • Introduction of lecture materials, discussions and case assignments and exams, and thesis using English.
  • Have the opportunity to take part in one of the programs, namely International Academic Exposure (IAE), Student Exchange Program (SEP), and Dual Degree Program (DDP).
  • Lectures are held from Monday to Friday from 07.00 – 16.00 WIB.
  • Normal study period is three semesters for IAE, four semesters for SEP, five semesters for DDP with a maximum study period of 6 semesters.
  1. SEMBA Program (Senior Executive MBA)
  • The lecturing delivery, lecture materials, discussions, case assignments, examinations and thesis are using Indonesian language.
  • Lectures are held on Saturday at 07.00 – 21.00 WIB (Jakarta time).
  • The normal study period is 4 semesters with a maximum study period of 6 semesters.


MM FEB UGM Yogyakarta Campus offers 6 areas of concentration that students can choose as below:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Finance
  3. Human Resource and Organization
  4. Marketing
  5. Operations Management
  6. Strategic Management


  1. Have a Bachelor or equivalent (D-IV) diploma from previous educational program (S1 or equivalent) from an accredited Study Program in the appropriate and/or related field of science and approved by the Master Program registered
  2. Have a transcript with cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) from the Bachelor or equivalent, as below:
  • ≥ 2.50 on a scale of 4 or equivalent, for applicants who have graduated from an A/Superior accredited study program, or;
  • ≥ 2.75 on a scale of 4 or equivalent, for applicants who have graduated from a B accredited study program, or;
  • ≥ 3.00 on a scale of 4 or equivalent, for applicants who have graduated from a C accredited study program.
  1. Have an accreditation certificate from Bachelor degree or equivalent, with the requirements below:
  • The accreditation of the study program is the current accreditation and proven by the scanned accreditation certificate or a print screen of accreditation from the current BAN-PT/LAM-PTKes website.
  • The study program whose accreditation is in the process of being extended, send the receipt of submitted accreditation extension form from BAN-PT/LAM-PTKes. A Letter of Statement from the study program is considered as invalid.
  • For overseas graduate applicants, the proof of accreditation is the Decree of the Equalization of Foreign Diploma from KEMDIKBUD. If the accreditation document is invalid, it will not be processed.
  1. Attach the results of the Academic Potential Test and English Test, which are valid for 2 years from the date of issuance of the certificate and from the institution used by MM FEB UGM as follows:
    • English proficiency certificate with a minimum score of 307 for Academic English Proficiency Test (AcEPT) from UGM; or 525 for TOEP from PLTI;
    • Attach the UGM Postgraduate Academic Potential Test (PAPs) or PLTI Basic Academic Potential Test (TPDA) with a minimum score of 500.
    • English proficiency certificate with a minimum score of  243 for Academic English Proficiency Test (AcEPT) from UGM; or 475 for TOEP from PLTI
    • Attach the UGM Postgraduate Academic Potential Test (PAPs) or PLTI Basic Academic Potential Test (TPDA) with a minimum score of 500.
  1. Confidential recommendations from 2 (two) people who know prospective students in previous education programs, Academic Advisors and/or other people who are considered authorized, for example the applicant’s workplace supervisor. A link to provide recommendations online will be sent by the UM UGM Committee to the recommendation provider via email. Make sure the recommender’s email address is a valid and active email address.
  2. Study permit/assignment letter from the workplace agency for applicants who are already working (the format can be downloaded here);
  3. Documents of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or Cooperation Agreement (PKS) or Appointment Letters as Scholarship Recipients that are still valid (especially for cooperation pathway applicants);
  4. Letter of Authenticity Statement (format can be downloaded here).
  5. Re-registration requirements document (format can be downloaded here).


Prospective candidates who are interested in studying at MM FEB UGM Yogyakarta Campus should follow 3 stages of selection, namely administrative selection, interview selection, and selection via the UM UGM Admissions System.

1. Administrative Process

The prospective candidates must fulfill all the required documents, including having 2 test results, namely the English Language Test (TBI) and the Academic Potential Test (TPA) provided by UGM or PLTI. English Language Test Materials and Academic Potential Tests are required tests to measure students’ English language skills in the academic world and participants’ abilities in general knowledge, logic, and analysis.

Prospective candidates register at https://um.ugm.ac.id/ or click here and completes the administration at  http://mm.feb.ugm.ac.id/ or  click here

2. Interview Process

The prospective candidates who have passed the administrative selection will be invited for an interview test. Interviewers from MM FEB UGM Yogyakarta Campus will explore the potential of the prospective candidates from aspects of leadership potential, commitment to the learning process, communication skills in Indonesian and English, academic competence and capability, personality and learning motivation, and career development potential.

3. Basic Knowledge Test

Aimed for prospective candidates who are Bachelor of Economics graduate. Materials tested include Business and Management, Accounting and Finance, Managerial economics, and Statistics for Business Decisions.


Prospective candidates who have passed the entire selection process will receive the following acceptance status:

  • Fully Accepted to the Pre-MBA Program (Regular Pre MBA, International Pre MBA and Senior Executive Pre MBA)
  • Fully Accepted to Semester 1 (Regular MBA, International MBA, Senior Executive MBA) if you pass the interview test, have met all TPA and TBI scores, and have passed Pre MBA or Passed Without Pre MBA
  • Rejected.

MBA UGM February August 2023 Intake Timeline

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*Schedule might change in accordance to DPP UGM regulations

Prospective candidates register to click here

Intake Fees August 2023 (2)

Tuition Fee (Non-Refundable):

  • For prospective candidates who have been accepted as Pre-MBA, if they resign, the tuition fees paid are no non-refundable
  • From semester one onwards, resignations were made after students paid the UKT fees according to the UGM schedule, the UKT fees paid are non-refundable.


  • (+62-811-283-7919)
  • (+62-811-283-2962)
  • (+62-811-282-3806)


  •  admissions-mm.feb@ugm.ac.id

Or you can come directly to campus by contacting one of the hotlines/emails to make an appointment beforehand.

For more information related to prospective students receiving LPDP scholarships, please contact the following hotline (+62-811-282-3810)