Outgoing Student

All International MBA students of MM FEB UGM must participate in one of 3 international activities:

  1. International Academic Exposure (IAE): students carry out the academic activities abroad in the short term (2-3 weeks) such as short courses, summer courses and others. This activity does not transfer courses and credits to MM FEB UGM.
  2. Student Exchange Program (SEP): students take concentration courses for 1 semester at partner universities abroad. Courses will be transferred to MM FEB UGM with a minimum of 9 credits.
  3. Dual Degree Program (DDP): students take 2 semesters at overseas partner universities and will get degrees from MM FEB UGM and from overseas partner universities after fulfilling the conditions of both parties.

MM FEB UGM Dual Degree Program is offered exclusively to International MBA students. Students who complete this program will receive 2 (two) degrees: Master of Business Administration (MBA) from UGM and one of the degrees offered by partner universities. The program is taken for 1.5 years at MM FEB UGM (including Pre MBA) and 1 year at overseas partner universities. The thesis is done at a partner university (if DD goes to a university destination in Japan and Europe) or at MM FEB UGM (if DD goes to a university destination in Australia).

1 Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University M.Sc. – Master of Science
2 Stirling Management School, University of Stirling M.Sc. – Master of Science
3 Graduate School of International Management, International University of Japan M.B.A. – Master of Business Administration, atau
M.E.Biz – Master of e-Business Management
4 Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne M.Mgt – Master of Management
5 UQ Business School, the University of Queensland M.Bus. – Master of Business (in Human Resource Management), atau
M.Com. – Master of Commerce (in Applied Finance)
6 UNSW Business School, University of New South Wales M.Com. – Master of Commerce
7 ISCTE Business School, University Institute of Lisbon M.Sc. IM – Master of Science in International Management, atau

M.Sc. BA – Master of Science in Business Administration

8 Hochschule Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences M.A. – Master of Arts
9 ESC Clermont, Graduate School of Management MiM – Master in Management
10 Toulouse Business School MiM – Master in Management
11 NEOMA Business School MiM – Master in Management
12 Queen Mary University of London M.Sc. – Master of Science
13 University of Hull M.Sc. – Master of Science, atau

M.B.A. – Master of Business Administration

14 University of Northampton M.Sc. – Master of Science, atau

M.A. – Master of Arts

In this program, participants are faced with two different socio-cultural settings, Asian, Europe and Australia. Such a situation is expected to have a positive impact on the development of the personalities, perspectives, visions and adaptive behaviors of the participants, thus making them able to deal with, and be sensitive to, the ever-changing global business environment. This cross-socio-cultural fertilization is a feature of this Double Degree program. Information requirements for iBT TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT scores (if any), tuition fees at partner universities (if any) for the Dual Degree Program, please contact

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