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All International MBA students of MM FEB UGM must participate in one of 3 international activities:

  1. International Academic Exposure (IAE): students carry out academic activities abroad in the short term (2-3 weeks) such as short courses, summer courses, and others. This activity does not transfer courses and credits to MM FEB UGM.
  2. Student Exchange Program (SEP): students take concentration courses for 1 semester at partner universities abroad. Courses will be transferred to MM FEB UGM with a minimum of 9 credits.
  3. Dual Degree Program (DDP): students take 2 semesters at overseas partner universities and will get degrees from MM FEB UGM and from overseas partner universities after fulfilling the conditions of both parties.


IAE is a program that takes one to three weeks program organized by the Office of International Affairs MM FEB UGM or offered by university partners abroad to visit them to experience a summer course program, short lecture, and company visit. This program is offered to all students once a year between the semester break. The cost will vary from 1.000 – 2.500 depending on the destination country, university, airfare, accommodation, and other relevant fees. Students may choose many different kinds of destinations and course topics through our partner’s website.


MM FEB UGM Dual Degree Program is offered exclusively to International MBA students. Students who complete this program will receive 2 (two) degrees: Master of Business Administration (MBA) from UGM and one of the degrees offered by partner universities. The program is taken for 1.5 years at MM FEB UGM (including Pre MBA) and 1 year at overseas partner universities. The thesis is done at a partner university (if DD goes to a university destination in Japan and Europe) or at MM FEB UGM (if DD goes to a university destination in Australia).


No Dual Degree University Network Degree Period English Proficiency Requirement
1 Australia – Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne M.Mgt. February, July IELTS (7.0), IBT (102 each min 22)
2 Australia – UQ Business School, University of Queensland  M.Bus./M.Com. February, July IELTS (6.5), IBT (87)
3 Australia – UNSW Business School, University of New South Wales M.Com. February, July IELTS (6.0), TOEFL (72)
4 England, UK – Queen Mary University of London M.Sc./MPA September IELTS (7.0), TOEFL (100)
5 England, UK – University of Northampton M.Sc./M.A. September IELTS (6.5)
6 French – ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management MiM September IELTS (6.0)
7 French – Toulouse Business School M.Sc./Mi September IELTS (6.0), TOEFL (80), Cambridge (B2) OR TOEIC (720)
8 French – NEOMA Business School MiM September IELTS (6.0), IBT (83)
9 French – Excelia Business School M.Sc./ MiM September IELTS, TOEFL Level B2
10 Germany – Hochschule Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences M.A. February, September IELTS (7.0), IBT (95), TOEIC (945)
11 Japan – GSIM, International University of Japan MBA September IELTS (6.5), IBT (80), TOEIC (800)
12 Netherlands – Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University M.Sc. September IELTS (7.0), IBT (94), GMAT: 600
13 Portugal – ISCTE Business School, University Institute of Lisbon M.Sc. February, September IELTS (6.5), IBT (88)
14 Scotland, UK – Stirling Management School, University of Stirling M.Sc. January, September IELTS (6.5)
15 Scotland, UK – University of Hull M.Sc./MBA September IELTS (6.0), IBT (79)


This program facilitates students with the opportunity to experience educational, educational, business, and cultural environments as an integrated part of their study program at MM FEB UGM. Students will be able to transfer relevant courses taken during the exchange program to MM FEB UGM as their concentration courses. This program ensures one semester at the host university. Students will be exempted from tuition fees at the host university.


No Student Exchange University Network Period
1 Australia, The University of Queensland Feb-Jul, Jul-Nov
2 Brunei, Universiti Brunei Darussalam Feb-Jun, Aug-Des
3 Japan, International University of Japan Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Sep-Dec
4 Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia Feb-Jun, Sep-Jan
5 Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaya Feb-Jun, Sep-Jan
6 Philippines, De La Salle University Jan-Apr, May-Jul, Sep-Dec
7 South Korea, EWHA Womans University Mar-Jun, Sep-Dec
8 South Korea, Sungkyunkwan University Feb-Jul, Aug-Jan
9 South Korea, INHA University Mar-Jul, Sep-Jan
10 South Korea, Woosong University Mar-Jul, Aug-Jan
11 Austria, the Johannes Kepler University Linz Mar-Jul, Sep-Dec
12 Austria, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Feb-Jun, Sep-Jan
13 Austria, University of Innsbruck Mar-Jul, Oct-Feb
14 Austria, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU Vienna) Feb-Jun, Oct-Feb
15 Canada, University of Victoria Jan-Jun, Sep-Jan
16 Denmark, University of Southern Denmark Jan-Jun, Aug-Dec
17 France, ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management Mar-Jul, Sep-Jan
18 France, Burgundy School of Business Feb-Jul, Sep-Feb
19 France, Toulouse Business School Jan-Jun, Aug-Jan
20 France, NEOMA Business School Mar-Jul, Sep-Jan
21 France, Excelia Business School Jan-Jun, Sep-Jan
22 Germany, University of Leipzig Jan-Jun, Sep-Jan
23 Germany, Pforzheim University Jan-Jun, Aug-Dec
24 Germany, Technische Hochscule Koln Jan-Apr, Apr-Jul, Oct-Dec
25 Germany, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Feb-Jun, Sep-Feb
26 Germany, Hochschule Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences Feb-Jun, Sep-Feb
27 Germany, Humboldt University of Berlin
28 Netherlands, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Mar-Jul, Sep-Jan
29 Netherlands, The University of Groningen Mar-Jul, Sep-Jan
30 Norway, University of Agder Mar-Jul, Sep-Jan
31 Portugal, Porto Business School Mar-Jul, Sep-Jan
32 Portugal, ISCTE Lisbon Business School Mar-Jul, Sep-Jan
33 Sweden, Jonkoping International Business School Apr-Aug, Oct-Feb
34 Switzerland, Zurich University of Applied Sciences Jan-Jun, Sep-Dec

*to be confirmed

Preparing your Study Abroad

Step 1:

Get Information

Keep the following factors in mind when choosing your international exposure:

  • purpose
  • budget
  • destination
  • language

A different destination offers you different challenges and experiences.

Step 2:


Consult and register with international staff at the Office of International Affairs section MM FEB UGM as soon as possible. Our staff will help you plan your SEP or DDP.

Step 3:

Submit Required Documents

Complete all required documents on time and prepare them independently including visa application. Some technical troubles especially for visa approval can be avoided by taking action earlier.

Step 4:

Read All Information

Read the student’s guide book or fact sheet from our partner university and talk to the previous exchange or dual degree students about their experience to ease the transition to a new culture, and get excited for your new adventure ahead.

In this program, participants are faced with two different socio-cultural settings, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Such a situation is expected to have a positive impact on the development of the personalities, perspectives, visions, and adaptive behaviors of the participants, thus making them able to deal with, and be sensitive to, the ever-changing global business environment.

For information requirements for iBT TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT scores (if any), and tuition fees at partner universities (if any) for the Dual Degree Program, please contact:

Hotline OIA: +62 8112832960

Email: oia-mm.feb@ugm.ac.id.