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Business and Management – MBA FEB UGM

Business and Management



This course discusses the basic concepts of management for business. Topics discussed in this course are introduction to business environment, definition of management for business, the function of internal business and various aspects related to business strategic management.

It also emphasizes main theories in management, concept, technic and management practice in the world business context which is dinamic and global. The discussion will include all function in management contains of planning, organizing, directing and controlling.


After completion of this course, students are expected to be able to describe:

  1. Definition and business components, global business, small business and entrepreneur,
  2. Impact and changes of the business environment and efforts to manage the business,
  3. Business decision in management operations, human resource, marketing and finance,
  4. Management function (planning, organizing, directing and controlling),
  5. Influence and the process in the organization, including culture, structure, leadership, organizational behavior, communication and power for the best performance.


  • Ferrell, O.C., Hirt, G. and Ferrell, L. (2016). Business: A Changing World. 10th Edition, McGraw-Hill, New York. (FHF)
  • Jones, G.R., and George, J.M. (2020). Contemporary Management. 11th Edition, McGraw-Hill, New York. (JG)


  • Additional materials will be distributed during the sessions.


This method is a particular type of learning methods under the student-centered learning (SCL) paradigm. In this approach, students are active learners to find and construct their own knowledge. The instructor serves only as a facilitator to help students achieve learning objectives and develop interpersonal skills. The class time will be devoted to discuss any concepts, materials, and or issues in the subject.


  1. Mid-term Exam (20%)
  2. Final Exam (20%)
  3. Presentation, Discussion and Participation (30%)
  4. Assignment (Paper, Quiz, ) (30%)


The course Introduction to Business weighs 2 credit units which is held in 14 sessions of lectures and 2 sessions of exams @ 150 minutes for regular class and 12 sessions of lectures and 2 sessions of exams @ 180 minutes for the executive class.

Session Topic Reading Materials
1 Overview
The Dynamic of Business and Economics
FHF (Ch. 1)
2 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility FHF (Ch. 2)
3 Business in a Borderless World FHF (Ch. 3)
4 Options for Organizing Business
Small Business, Enterpreneurship and Franchising
FHF (Ch. 4)
FHF (Ch. 5)
5 Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations FHF (Ch. 8)
6 Managing Human Resource FHF (Ch. 10)
7 Customer Driven Marketing
Dimensions of Marketing Strategy
FHF (Ch. 11)
FHF (Ch. 12)
Mid-Term Exam
 8 Managers and Managing
The Evolutions of Management Thought
 JG (Ch. 1)
JG (Ch. 2)
9 Managing Diverse Employee
Managing in the Global Environment
JG (Ch. 5)
JG (Ch. 6)
10 Decision Making, Learning, Creativity
Managers as a Planner and Strategist
JG (Ch. 7)
JG (Ch. 8)
 11 Managing Organization Structure and Culture
Organization: Control and Change
JG (Ch. 10)
JG (Ch. 11)
 12 Motivation and Performance
JG (Ch.13)
JG (Ch. 14)
 13 Effective Groups and Teams Promoting
Effective Communication
JG (Ch.15)
JG (Ch. 16)
14 Managing Conflict, Politics and Negotiation
Using Advanced Information to Increase Performance
JG (Ch. 17)
JG (Ch.18)
Final Exam