“FEB Menyapa Alumni”, Be in Tune with Each Alumni

The Faculty of Economics and Business, Gadjah Mada University (FEB UGM) is getting closer to its alumni by holding an event to gather the alumni named “FEB Meyapa Alumni”. The event was held at the Sukadji Ranuwihardjo Auditorium, where the MBA FEB UGM hosted the event on Thursday (30/03/2023). More than 300 attendees attended the event.

After the event opened with the national anthem of Indonesia Raya and the Gadjah Mada Hymn, the Dean of FEB UGM, Prof. Dr. Didi Achjari gave his speech. “Hopefully, today we won’t just chat. Hopefully, there will be some benefits that we can take, for example, through cooperation that can be established. Thank you to MBA FEB UGM’s Board of Directors and the team who worked very hard to organize this event. Thank you for your service and time, everyone,” he said.

Dr. Bogat Agus Riyono, M.Sc., Ak., CA., as Chairperson of DIY Kafegama continued with his remarks. “Hopefully, this event can make us more harmonious and bring us all closer,” he said. The Director of the FEB UGM MBA Study Program also welcomed the alumni. “The good thing about a business school is that it can’t be separated from alumni. Good alumni will make us proud; if we are also good, we are always mentioned by alumni out there. So, there will be no separations, we will always work together to create the best programs and make the alumni proud,” said Amin.

The event continued with the presentation of the “FEB Update” delivered by Gumilang Aryo Sahadewo, Ph.D. as Deputy Dean for Research, Community Service, Cooperation, and Alumni of FEB UGM. In his presentation, Gumilang provided insight to alumni regarding the development of FEB UGM to date.

Prof. Indra Wijaya Kusuma, MBA, Ph.D. also gave a presentation on the QS World University Rankings and Global MBA Rankings. He explained how important the role of alumni was for UGM and FEB UGM rankings internationally. Alumni are also given a special question and answer session guided by Prof. Dr. Eduardus Tandelilin. The alumni can participate by providing input and support for FEB to become more globally popular.

The event continued with the Tausiyah Ramadhan session delivered by drh. H. Agung Budiyanto, MP, Ph.D. which is the closing of the FEB Menyapa Alumni event in 2023. (Public Relations: Wira/Documentation: Wira, Irvan)